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SRJ, Inc. began as ISR (International Sales Representative) in 1994 and was later incorporated, in December of 1997, as SRJ, Inc. As the first off-shore based supplier to pass the strict Charpy impact and Brinell hardness requirements of major American OEMs, SRJ, Inc. experienced strong growth in both domestic and international markets. In 2002, we launched our GETT™ brand line of ground engaging tools and inquired, "Do you buy ground engaging tools without checking Charpy impact values?"

Click here for more info about the Charpy Impact Value.

In 2008, on the strength of our engineering and design capabilities, we obtained utility design patent #7,533,945B2 and introduced our HiQual™ brand S'Wave rubber tracks for construction machinery. Today, S'Wave tracks are featured as original equipment on machines from many of the world's best machine manufacturers.

Click here to to refer to the SRJ Patent: #7,533,945B2.

In 2010, we moved into a new corporate headquarters and VAP (Value Added Processing) facility in Schaumburg, IL. Our product line was expanded to include undercarriage parts, rubber mounted pickup tines for agricultural applications and asphalt milling tools.

In 2012, we earned our ISO 9001 certificate.

In 2014, we opened a new distribution depot in Dallas, TX with a Los Angeles, CA location soon to follow in 2015.

SRJ Inc.'s quality management system includes the design, procurement, value-added processing and distribution of construction and agricultural equipment parts and components.

SRJ, Inc. uses advanced digital scanning and 3D printing technology to design and develop Go & No-Go gages for thorough production part inspection and approval. All GETT™ items are tested in house to confirm Charpy and Brinell hardness values. Rubber mounted pickup tines for agricultural applications are bench and cycle tested to ensure they meet or exceed our design specifications.

SRJ, Inc. is devoted to the expansion of our value-added processing facilities which include dedicated brazing (2), blasting , curing , machining, press and assembly (2) lines. We also operate and maintain a sophisticated heat treatment lab which includes in house heat treatment and quenching capabilities.

SRJ, Inc. Quality Policy: At SRJ, Inc. we work closely with our clients and strive to understand, meet and, when possible, exceed their expectations. Using our wealth of experience and state of the art technology, our engineering team is ready, willing, and able to help you tackle the most challenging projects and provide the most cost effective solutions for your needs.

SRJ, Inc. Objectives:

  1. Growth: 20% (minimum) per year
  2. New Product Development: 5 new products (minimum) a year
  3. Quality Assurance: Quality claims less than 0.35%.
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